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  • When: 05/12/2018
  • The PAX: Pyro, Sparky, Xenu(R), Toxic(R), Septum, D-Nice, Farah&Farah(R), Pud, Feud, Bigbird, LIFO

Word went out across Slack that coupons would be needed at Anchor.  Coupons haven’t been redeemed in quite a while, so they were due.



  • Wonderbra – 15IC
  • Toy Soldier  – 15 IC
  • Merkin Row – 10 OYO
  • BBSU – 10 OYO
  • Tricep Extension – 15 IC
  • Raise the Roof – 15 IC
  • Curls for the girls – 15 IC

The Thang:

Cones were set in a triangle formation. PAX were split up to avoided crowds.  There is an exercise to do at each cone, and way to get between cones.

Round 1:

  • 50 American Hammers
  • 50 Bench Press
  • 50 Goblet squat
  • Locomotion b/w cones: Mummy walk

Round 2: move cones 5 steps out

  • 50 Flutter kickes
  • 50 Tricep Extension
  • 50 Lion King Squats
  • Locomotion b/w cones: Chinook Walk

Round 3: move cones 5 steps out

  • 50 Proud pickle
  • 50 shoulder shrugs
  • 50 lunges
  • Locomotion b/w cones: LBAC walk

Since the cones where there – move cones 10 steps in

1st half of Jacksonville Isoceles Triangle of death – Bear crawl between cones, 1 burpee at cone 1, 2 at 2, up to 5.  (Remember all this is with coupons)

Head to curb

  • Calf raises – 25 IC x 2

Back to field:

Modified Jack Webb – 1 merkin, 1 air press up to 10/10. (modification is using coupons)

Crab cakes – 10 OYO

Round robin – few PAX selected to do coupon exercise we haven’t done.

Some included – reachers, don’t cross dolly, boxing (jabs L/R), few others that escape me.

Back to YHC – Birth Canal – 10 IC, Don Quixote – 10 IC

Naked Moleskin:

YHC talked about Extreme Ownership and how I do that at home. Next man up.  Give a smile to someone. You don’t know what they are going though, it could help.

Mud Run coming up.

Julingtion Creek launch.

Change of week for Trinity to 3rd week of month.



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