The letter of the day is D

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During a previous workout, YHC was doing dips and derkins and thought..I should have a workout that everything starts with D.  So, the search was on.  Additionally, I wanted to rule out running, or items we don’t have at chop shop like stairs or walls. It was a dark and gloomy morning, lightening off in […]


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9 total pax showed up in the gloom, only to see cones in the field.  ‘This can’t be good’ Warmup: squats IC Hillbillies IC Reachers IC Chinooks IC Freddie Mercuries IC LBAC fwd IC The Thang: Jacksonville Isosceles Triangle of Death ! 3 cones – start at 10 burpees bear crawl to next cone, 9 […]

BBQ at the park

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YHC has posted to Chop Shop a few times and decided it’s time to Q.  So I logged in, checked it and signed up.  Posted on Slack too.  A few days later…I see Updraft signed up.  I looked back at Signup genius and in my haste, I forgot to follow through signing up.  Updraft let […]


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It was a moist and gloomy morning at Memorial Park, PAX started to gather.  We placed our cinderblocks at one cone, then circled up around the flag about 20 feet away.  2 more PAX made it just in time, one being a visitor from Cape Fear…then a few moments later PUD comes running in. Warmup: […]

BENCHES for all

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A light mist filled the air, PAX gathered around YHC in the middle of field. A Warmup: LBAC Michael Phelps at this point the runners came around and circle us then took off again. YHC noticed on Dolly runner wasn’t there, so 10 burpees for the late arrival of HEY BOSS! Don Quixote – but […]

Cinderblock in the cold

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14 PAX braved the frigid temps after Christmas to gather at Memorial Park.  The call was to bring cinderblocks. Warmup: literally, doing things to warm up and get moving. Michael Phelps 5 burpees The Gekko  – invisible jump rope Don Quixote 10 more burpees  – late arrival PUD. Since we needed more cinderblocks, PAX did […]

Exicon search

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YHC searched the exicon for a few exercises that haven’t been done in a while or at all, it was a nice brisk day at ANCHOR for the the PAX. WARMUP – exercises to let the PAX know what’s coming Squats  IC Merkins IC Burpees WW1SU Lunges Bear Crawl The Thang Circle Merk 1 ,2,3,4,5,6,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,2,1  […]

BENCHES in the Park

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14 PAX showed up at Memorial Park wondering what will we do? No cinderblocks?  YHC talked about the launch at the Vet and picked something up that will be used later. Warmup: chinook, wonderbra, don quixote, something else…all 10 and IC.   YHC talked about FIRE break that was learned at the vet.  So, randomly […]

Just a roll of the dice

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As YHC was waiting, I wasn’t sure if there would be any PAX show, with the launch of Asguard. Then 1 by 1 by 1 the PAX showed.  4 total PAX including YHC. Warmup: Michael Phelps Tempo Squats Moroccan Nightclubs – Synpase wondered about the origin of the name Bent elbow Moroccan Nightclubs – looks […]