Choose Wisely

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  • When: 05/14/2018
  • QIC: Cornhole
  • The PAX: Stitch, Airbags, Check Please, Tinkle, Dollar Bill, Crash, Yard Sale, inside out, Peg, Bada Bing, McDreamy, Sandcrab, Outhouse

As YHC rolled outta bed the faint smell of fresh cut grass and Sawgrass Splash tickled the nostrils.   Am I dreaming?  Is this heaven, nope, and it ain’t Iowa either (anyone tell me the movie reference?) it’s the day after TPC and time to get after it. 14 PAX fought the fartsack urge this fine am and where in for a fun filled time of sweat, rain and possibly a little pain.  Keep reading to find out….fun fun fun Choose

Warm O Rama

15 burpees OYO in honor of Stitch who graced us with his presence this fine am, but was late

side straddle hops 15 IC

michael Phelps 15 IC

Reacher 15IC

Peyer Parker’s 15IC

The Thang Choose

Mosey to the 2nd parking lot where 3 cone were placed approx. 100yds apart.  A plastic bag adorned each cone with pieces of folded construction paper in them. On each piece of paper was an excercise and rep count.  Cone 1 was upper body, cone 2 was burpee/core mix  cone 3 legs.  pax drew a piece of paper at each station and then mosey to next station, rinse and repeat.  here is how it went down

Round 1

Cone 1 – 1 min plank

Cone 2 – 15 burpees

Cone 3 – 100 squats

Round 2

1 – 3min plank

2 – 50 lbcs

3 – 25 squats

Round 3

1 – 100 merkins

2 – 25 big boy sit-ups

3 – 20 iron mikes

round 4

1 – 2min plank

2 – 10 one leg burpees


Mosey back to flag for some naked moleskin and count o rama


No FNGs today

prayers for our IR brethren and those traveling … mad hatter has shoulder surgery Tues, Zamboni get MRI results this week


F3 Jax  F3Nation Jacksonville Ponte Vedra Nocatee Jax Beach Free Mens Workout Fitness Fellowship Faith

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