No Escaping the Beast (Anchor)

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  • When: 07/07/2018
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Xenu (respect), Toxic (double respect), D-Nice, Septum, LIFO, Pud, Feud

7 Pax rolled into Memorial Park on what started out as a fine Saturday morning in the River City of Jacksonville, FLA. Conditions were favorable at #Anchor… that is if you like mid to upper 70’s temps with a humidity of 95%. Upon arrival the 7 PAX felt they were the “Lucky 7,” after all, YHC informed them that he needed extra cones today, but had to promise that the cones would not resemble any type of geographical shape. They also thought they avoided the Big Bird Beastly Beatdown at #Boondocks. Little did they know that you can’t escape the Beast, you can only hope to contain him… The good news was that we had the Avengers on our side… or were they?


• SSH x20 IC
• Hillbillies x15 IC
• Merkins x10 IC
• Wonder Bra x12 IC
• Squats x12 IC
• Reach through x10 IC
• Don Quixote x10 IC
• WW I Sit-Ups x15 IC

The Thang

The Beast – 6 cones were set up in a straight line and accurately calculated to be 20-ish yards apart. The Pax were to perform 6 sets (one set at each cone), of 6 reps of 6 exercises. Wagon wheel to the six until all PAX have completed a round. All 1:4 ratio-type exercises were done in full (1:4 up to 6:24) at each cone except for the last cone of Captain Thor where we only did the 6:24 due to time constraints. Exercises were as followed:

1. Iron Hulk (Jack Webb with 1:4 ratio of merkin to air press)
2. Iron Man (1:4 ratio of squat to calf raises)
3. Captain Thor (1:4 ratio BBSU to American Hammer, sub flutter kicks for American Hammers when fatigued or have back pain)
4. Jumping Spider(-Man)
5. Squat Jumps
6. Flutter Kicks

In one sense, the Pax were lucky. The last exercise was supposed to be Burpees, but we ran out of time…

Naked Mole Skin

• Iron Hulk proved to be a mumble chatter killer, but there were many Hulk groans towards the end
• LIFO asked what could possibly be next after YHC killed our arms (Iron Hulk) and legs (Iron Man)
• Toxic asked if anyone else’s coccyx was hurting after Capt. Thor. Several other comments soon ensued including something about a chiropractor working on a coccyx for an hour, and when trying out new mattresses, if your coccyx touches it you must buy it.
• For some reason, the mumble chatter decreased with each exercise around the 3rd or 4th cone…


Going along with this month’s core value theme of service, YHC discussed his recent service mission trip to St. Augustine. Affectionately known as Urban Plunge, this mission has been on-going out of St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church since the 1980’s and calls on teenagers and adults to serve the community of St. Augustine by providing house maintenance, home repair, yard work, etc. to those in need. YHC’s daughter asked that he come on the trip after she had participated for the first time last year. For this trip, YHC definitely stepped out of his comfort zone as he is not the “handyman” type, and he rarely hangs around teenagers that are not his own. He talked about how rewarding it was to be able to work alongside and see teens put their faith into action. These kids were well behaved, and you didn’t need to ask twice for something to be done. It was a pleasure to get to know the teens and adults on the trip and hear their stories during faith sharing. The positive change in first time “Plungers” was very evident during the week. YHC encouraged the PAX that whenever they have an opportunity to serve, they, too, should step forward and volunteer. Remember: “A life not lived for others is not a life.”- Mother Teresa.


• YHC who is being challenged to be a stronger leader at work (both with intra-personnel relationships and financial constraints)
• Pud for proper discernment regarding recent staffing challenges
• LIFO’s son Wrong-way for changing bad habits and job search
• Lord’s Prayer

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