The Third 500

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  • When: 7/9/2018
  • QIC: Dollar Bill
  • The PAX: Crash, Squeege (Respect!), Snookie, Gravy, Low Maintenance, Blackout (Respect!), Pom Pom, Yard Sale, Slash (Respect!), Bada Bing, Outhouse

12 men descended on the Badlands for chest-a-rama Monday!  YHC was sluggish after two weeks of Chicago pizza, burgers, ribs, Italian Beef, Italian Sausage, Beer.   Rinse and Repeat that list and add some.  Nevertheless, YHC signed up to Q because he knew that fartsacking would be in order this Monday without a definitive commitment.   When the PAX warmly welcomed YHC, the desire to fartsack subsided.  The group circled up promptly at 5:30.


10 SSH IC, 10 Michael Phelps IC, 10 Hillbillies IC, 10 reachers IC, 10 Mountain Climbers IC


Mosey to parking lot.

(1) Bear crawl around circle while Pax holds plank position

(2) Mosey to football field: OYO- 10 Burpees, 50 Merkins, 100 LBCs

(3) Partner time.   Partners collectively complete 100 merkins, 50 wide merkins, 50 staggered right, 50 staggered left, and 25 diamond.   One partner runs sideline to sideline while the other partner performs the exercise and then partners switch.

(4) Catch Me If You Can across parking lot.

Exercise 1: One partner bear crawls while other partner performs 5 MJs.  After completion of 5 MJs, partner runs to partner bear crawling and partners switch.

Exercise 2: One partner lunges while other partner performs 5 low jacks.   After completion of 5 low jacks, partner runs to partner lunging and partners switch.

(5) Flag-

1 Minute LBCs, 30 Second Merkins, and 30 Second Mountain Climbers



F2 reminder that this Friday is the golf outing.

Celebrations/Prayers: Celebrate significant progress made by all men, including Gravy.  Prayers for those on IR, those (and loved ones) suffering from illness, and Gravy who preaches at the penitentiary this coming week.

Encouragement: In Freed to Lead, the Third 500 is often the most difficult segment in a race and in life.  The starting line is too distant and the finish line is too far to contemplate.  The F3 solution is community and love among brothers.  Aye!

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