Run, Rum & Recovery

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  • When: 07/30/2018
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Bing, Flounder, Bowzer, Barry Shinkoff

BigBird & Snuffy were no shows this morning but had an excused absence… something about a baby being born?  Congrats Grandpa Snuff & Uncle Bird!

Feeling lost without BigBird, Seatdown, Drone, Pyro, Whiff, Jumanji, Septum and the “Fastholes”, Bing and I decided to journey to Stagecoach for some running & active recovery exercises.  We attacked the bridge as well as the 10 flights of stairs  YHC, always recalled a 70’s show “8 is enough” and opted to slow my roll for the last 2 flights.

Upon reaching the top we noticed a bottle of rum.  Tempted though I was I abstained for checking the contents of the bottle, thanks to the rational thinking & dissuading of Bing.

Bing & YHC ran figure 8’s up top with active recovery exercises after each loop.  Exercises included Merkins, Carolina Drydocks, One Legged Carolina Drydocks, Erkins, BBSU’s, LBC’s, Toy Soldiers, Lunges & some backwards running.  To close, we jogged down StageCoach & Back over the Main Street Bridge.

The Clydesdales embarked upon a journey thru the streets in true Galloway Fashion.  Their Run vs Walk ratios have been improving & they ran about 3 Miles.  Flounder, Bowzer & The Barry Shinkoff would have to give more details.  Hats off to Bowzer for biking over & logging some extra work!

COC – We wrapped up the sweat fest w a “no short arm” circle to pray it out!

ANNOUNCEMENTS – BigBird is an Uncle & Snuffy is a Grandpa or Pappy or whatever it’s called in the South!  Blessings & prayers for baby and mother!

Doggie Houser road Trip – Hedge of Protection & a few extra blessings for good judgment for a car full of 18yr olds!


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