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  • When: 01/14/19
  • QIC: Bada Bing
  • The PAX: McDreamy (respect), Full Monty (respect), Blackout (respect), Snaggle, Pom Pom, Airbags, Snooki, Happy Feet, Dollar Bill, Kodak, Happy Feet, Squeege (respect), Inside Out, Duuuval (welcome), Peg, Gravy, Crash, Flow, Outhouse, Mr Yuck, GNC, Terminator

Despite YHCs best efforts to scare the PAX with pre-beatdown Slack chatter of death and doom, 23 posted anyway on this perfect 50 degree Florida morning. In fact, the PAX were chipper and awake as clearly demonstrated with a perfect cadence of 15 side-straddle hops. The PAX must have had the realization that if they were going to wake up and post at 0530 it had better be worth their time. Well, YHC was going to give them what they came for today. A beatdown that would test both their physical and mental conditioning. Guest PAX from Seattle, welcome…Duuuval (YHC thought his name was Cueball). Time to circle up…Disclaimer was given…Mr Yuck tardy burpees completed. 
It’s Monday y’all. Guess what that means…it’s time to Pay the Man. Who’s the man? You, you are that man! In order to get better than the man you were yesterday, you’ve got to get comfortable being uncomfortable. So today is your first downpainment to the man. Success isn’t owned, it’s leased so rent is due everyday! Right now tell yourself, I can do anything for 45 minutes and I will NOT quit. There’s no plan B. Now, tell the man next to you, I will not let you quit.


  • 15 SSHs IC
  • 10 Michael phelps IC
  • 10 Hillbillies
  • 10 Reachers IC
  • 10 Tempo squats IC
  • 10 jump ropes IC
Mosey to Baseball Field but along the way…
  • Rapid High knees
  • Rapid butt kicks
  • Power Skips, because no man should ever just skip
  • Bear Crawl through Dugout to left field
Baseball Field
  • Fire Drill grass drills then over the fence we go 

The Thang

10 Rounds – Circuit – 3 Groups of 7 or 8 PAX
  • 40 yard shuttle run in 10 yard increments
  • 5 Burpees (50 total)
  • 10 Squats (100 total)
  • Rinse and Repeat for 10 rounds
So it’s Monday and that usually means you’ll watch a Monday motivation video on social media somewhere. Well guess what, everyday is Monday when you replace motivation with discipline. Everyday is January 1st. I’m a big believer in doing something that sucks everyday. The only way you’re going to find out what you’re capable of is if you embrace the suck today and tomorrow. This is going to suck…but you’ll find out what you’re made of. Remember, rounds 6-8 you’ll want to quit…don’t! Shut your brain off and work!
10 Rounds – Circuit – All PAX line up in a row across the parking lot
  • 5 yard football/basketball lateral shuffles back and forth for 20 seconds
  • 10 Merkins (100 total)
  • 5 Knee grab sit-ups (50 total)
  • Rinse and Repeat for 10 rounds
Lindsay Lohan !Earned!
Double Indian Run back to flag 


Similar to fitness, your faith also needs to be tested. The Bible talks about “When your faith is tested your endurance has a chance to grow”
Prayer Requests: GNCs wife, McDreamy (comfort during this difficult week), Those on IR, Yard Sale ankle. 

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