Triumph in Trials

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  • When: 02/07/2019
  • QIC: Bada Bing
  • The PAX: Papa Smurf (double respect), Doink, Full Monty (respect), Blackout (respect), Dollar Bill, Airbags (respect), Check Please, Yard Sale (respect) Gravy, Peg, McDreamy (respect), Griswold, Flow, Outhouse, Terminator

YHC decided to ride his two wheel manual transportation to AO today. It was dark and cold but no factor. The two mile bike ride allowed YHC to think and focus with a shovel flag in one hand and a faint sight of a gas station LED-sign ahead. Sometimes you have to go through the darkness, not knowing what’s in front of you, knowing that you are one day going to get to that dim light and that light gets brighter the harder you work and the closer you get to it. But there is uncertainty in the dark so you have to go by faith, not sight. This is a metaphor for life. YHC is no expert on life but I can tell you that life has sympathy on no man. It’s not “if” tragedy will strike but “when.” If we are not prepared for the unexpected we are bound to spiral out of control when control is snatched from us. How can we triumph over tragedy and the difficulties of life? 

  • Be ready for the unexpected…Prepare! Get right!
  • Trust in something outside of yourself to help you through…
  • Don’t go at it alone. Surround yourself with your F3 brothers…Shield Lock
  • Walk by faith…and pray!
  • Face the tragedy and accept it…to ultimately find the good in it

YHC sent out the call the evening before to bring gloves, not excuses. A wise PAX named Zamboni (respect) once told me that when you’ve stripped away the excuses all you have left if the task and the work needed to achieve or overcome it. Disclaimer given. Let’s do this. 


  • SSHs IC
  • Seal Jacks IC
  • Phelps Jacks IC
  • Plank Jacks IC
  • Plank Reachers IC
  • Peter Parkers IC
  • Michael Phelps IC

The Thang

Cyclocross Indian Run Merkin Mania front parking lot – This came out of YHCs brain on a whim. Why not do an Indian Run while one PAX speed cycles around the parking lot to ultimately pass the bike off to PAX two…Rinse and repeat running and cycling around a parking lot circle (approx. .02 miles in length) over and over. Where do the merkins come in…During the bike handoff, all PAX drop and do 5 merkins to reset and allow the exchange to happen. 

Baseball Field of Dreams (Groups of 4) First Base=10 Burpees, Second Base= 20 Jump Squats, Third Base=30 Freddie Mercs, Home Plate=15 Backstop Donkey Kicks – All PAX must run 1.25 laps around bases each time to get to next station. 

Mosey to “lunge lane” for some quick and dirty Shuttle Sprints (down back, down; approx. 150 yards)

Life’s unpredictable…It sure is; and this ain’t Vegas!It’s the Badlands baby! Roll three Dodecahedron of death dice at the concession stand – The PAX were lucky we rolled Burpees, Jump Squats and Side Straddle Hops. The fun continues…

Mosey to Bear Crawl Hall for a three-pack of Groiner walks, Bear crawls and Duck walks

Parking Lot 2 means its time to talk about the Shield Lock – The Horizontal Relationship Between Men. (You can’t shield lock yo’self!)

Curbveryor belt merkins (Indian Run) – Merking around a median while one PAX runs full lap around and joins end of curbveyor belt until all PAX experience the torture they unfartsacked themselves for. 

Shield lock planks (right/left arm on PAX next to you for active recovery x2 10 counts)

Shield lock squat shuffle – All PAX lock arms and squat in cadence while one PAX sprints a 30 yard cubic square style football drill…backwards, side shuffle and forward to join back into the shield lock shuffle) 

Shield lock sit ups and Shield lock flutter kick – We are stronger together than alone! When the trials of life come, Shield Lock with your brothers

Backwards sprint race back to flag. Finish Cyclocross Indian Run Merkin Mania so all can experience the fun. 


YHC expresses appreciation for the PAX that show up for him daily. Thankful that I found F3 just when I needed it most in my life. 

Prayers go out to McD who lost his job, Squeege surgery, Blackout’s wife and other women in our lives who have struggled with cancer. 

“Pain is finite. The more it is parceled, the easier it is to bear” -Shield Lock

“Anything in life that we don’t accept will simply make trouble for us until we make peace with it.” 

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