Happy Birthday, Bowzer! From the Jax Pax!

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  • When: 02/26/2019
  • QIC: Lifo, Feud, Heisenberg, Septum, Pyro
  • The PAX: Farah & Farah (Rx2), Lifo, SOC, Boucher (R), Septum, Pud, Pyro, Heisenberg, Feud

9 PAX came out for a birthday beatdown from the B-day boy himself, Bowzer. As time approached to begin, all were ready… but no Bowzer. Bowzer… Bowzer… Pax were reminded of his absence at Anthill in recent weeks, some began to wonder if he forgot the location of our Tuesday AO. Bowzer… Bowzer… With no Bowzer in site, several members of the Pax had an opportunity to put into practice what Heisenberg has encouraged us to do- have a Q in our pocket just in case… Lifo started us off


  • Merkins x7 IC (who starts out with merkins?)
  • Wonder Bra x12 IC
  • Toy Soldier x15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x10 IC
  • LBC x15 IC
  • Groiners x10 IC
  • Monkey Humpers x20 IC

The Thang

Lifo offered to pass the baton Q, but with no one answering quick enough, we moseyed to the play ground for a six-pack ladder: 5 pull-ups + 1 werkin, 4 pull-ups + 2 werkins… 1 pull-up + 5 werkins, then back up to 5 pull-ups + 1 werkin.

Feud took the reins and seeing we were at the playground, chose to have the PAX run the Playground Obstacle Course:

  • While 1 PAX ran the course, rest of PAX alternated between the following:
    • Merkins
    • Squats
    • LBCs

Heisenberg called next and we moseyed to the racquetball court for…

  • Duck/Rail Walk – PAX holds a wall sit as 1 duck walked from wall to rail on other end. Upon arrival, rail walk length of rail then run back to wall.

Septum had enough of the easy stuff and we moseyed to the basketball court for…

  • Burpee Suicides-5, 10,15, 20 reps of burpees- crowd pleaser. At this point, PAX pointed out that Bowzer would never have us do this exercise.

Pyro stepped up next and we moseyed to pavilion for…

  • 3 lamp-posts and a pavilion-run from pavilion to successive lampposts along side walk and perform following exercises, starting with 20 reps and decreasing by 2 each round until time called.
    • Dips
    • Merkins
    • BBSU
    • Calf raises

Pyro shared a word regarding accountability. He encouraged us to have a small group whom we can open up to and then hold us accountable to get better… to get right. We need others in our life to help hold us accountable and push us to be better physically, mentally, spiritually, etc. Someone there to make sure we show up to our own Q’s. Actually, as the PAX broke out into song and sang “Happy Birthday” to Bowzer (we did do this), YHC may have figured out why Bowzer did not show…


Announcement/prayers for

  • Final February 1 mile ruck meet-up at Wicked Barley Thursday (see Slack for details)
  • Septum’s family suffering through various illnesses
  • SOC and Heisenberg’s aunt diagnosed with cancer
  • Feud and potential increase in work related responsibilities
  • OTC and the Parson’s family following Ashley’s passing

Farah & Farah led us out in prayer followed by the Pledge

Happy Birthday, Bowzer! We kid only because we care.

In case anyone is wondering, Bowzer had a flat tire on his way to Anthill.  Glad he came out of it safely.

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