…then there was a water obstacle…

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Know what a herd of rhinos are called? A “crash.” A charging rhino can only see 30ft ahead of it. That summed up Boondocks.

13 charging rhinos posted at Boondocks for the spring Rhino Challenge: Heisenberg, Feud, Bing, Butcherg , Extinguisher, Auqaman, FarahandFarah, Culpepper, Eileenb, Glass, FixIt, Traff, and Twister.

“Bring a change of clothes,” was encouraged via Slack on Friday. A few got word…the rest drove home soaked. After all, there was a water obstacle which we ran twice.

The Challenge included 19 obstacle/physical challenge stations with bonus features at each station (see handwritten notes).

However, unless you ran the dolly, the mileage wasn’t that substantial. Area for improvement for the Summer and Fall Rhino Challenges.

Heisenberg, Feud, and Twister made it a dolly with a short 3.65mi mosey prior. Congrats, you earned your nickel for the AM.

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