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  • When: 04/17/2019
  • QIC: Show and Tell
  • The PAX: McDreamy (respect), Inside Out, T Bird, Tone Deaf, Disco Duck (from Cary, NC), Papa Smurf (double respect), Wahoo, GNC, Sandcrab (double respect)

AGB — Always Gettin Betta

9 Real Pax showed up this morning ready to join my first beatdown. Being my first Q, YHC definitely did not want to disappoint my fellow PAX, and was hoping they would enjoy the workout, as well as not enjoy the workout! (I once heard another wise and profound PAX say if you make the workout suck they will like it). I played mostly Hard Rock music throughout my Q, much to the chagrin of my fellow University of Kentucky alumnus, Papa Smurf. Perhaps this part sucked the most for him! The weather was perfect this morning at Sunshine Park, paving the way to a great workout with no elemental obstacles. At the warm up, and throughout my Q, the message of the day was proclaimed — AGB! (Always Gettin Betta)

The Warm Up (IC)
SSH — 20
Michael Phelps — 20
Tempo Merkin — 20
Hillbilly — 20
Peter Parker — 20
Don Q — 20
Mosey w/ cariocas, and backwards…

The Thang

Inaugural Shadow Boxing Relay!
Partner up fasthole, and clydesdale.  One partner at bottom of pool shadow box — jab, jab cross, jab cross hook, repeat until partner returns.  Other partner runs a lap around the pool, while first partner shadow boxes.  Total of 3 rounds boxing and 3 rounds running for each PAX.  Kudos to McDreamy for having the best boxing sound effects!  Mosey…

The Beast 666
Glowsticks at 25, 50, 25 yd lines on Soccer Field. 6 exercises — Burpees, Merkins, Squats, Big Boi Sit ups, Air Jordans, LBC’s.  6 reps of each exercise at each glowstick or stop. 6 laps total, (a lap meaning to the end of the field and back).  Start at the goal line and run to the first stop, do 6 reps, run to the next stop, do 6 reps of same exercise, next stop, 6 more reps of same exercise, run to goal line, then turn around and repeat on the way back.  Lap 1 — 36 burpees total, stopping for 6 reps at each glowstick down the field and back.  Lap 2 — 36 merkins total, stopping for 6 reps at each glowstick, down the field and back, and so on and so forth for the remaining exercises.  Plank for the 6.  Mosey…

Forward arm circles (IC) — 20
Backward arm circles (IC) — 20
Seal clap jacks (IC) — 20

Returned to the message AGB.  Always Gettin Betta. Urged the Pax, and YHC to always get better at everything we do.  Always Get Better at being a husband, being a father, being a son, being a brother.  Always Get Better at being a boss, being an employee, at posting, at Q ing.  AGB at being spiritual, being a neighbor, working out. AGB at watching what you eat — Chik Fil A over McDonalds.  AGB with finances, etc, etc, etc.  AGB at life.  It all starts with our workouts at 0530.  Once you start getting better at one thing, it will carry over into ALL aspects of your life.  Aye?

Count O Rama, Name O Rama, Announcements, Prayer Requests, the Lord’s Prayer

Other notes:  Lots of mumblechatter was heard during the boxing relay.  Iron Maiden’s “the number of the beast” was played during the beast.  Sandcrab allowed the PAX to slack on their pushup forms because it was my VQ.

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