8 Pax 8 Minutes of Cinderblock Joy!

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  • When: 08/17/2019
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Xenu, Pyro, synapse, gecko, toxic, lifo, pole dancer

Eight packs posted for 8 segmented minutes of joy! It was a great day for a #FreeMensWorkout #F3Jax Style!

YHC arrived  little early to Anchor after a nice early morning Ruck!  Toxic was already there warming up with a few solo burpees.

CONDITIONS : 74 degrees with a faint breeze. You could feel the rain coming and had a slight sprinkle towards the end. Overall it was the nicest weather we could ask for!


Circled up for:

  • 25 SSH
  • 10 Burpees (Pole Dancer was tardy)
  • 10 LBAC Fwd
  • 10 Don Quixote’s
  • 10 Reachers


In honor of the Iron Pax Challenge 2019 starting soon, it seemed like a good idea to bring out a Challenge from 2018!

Each set was AMRAP for 8 min with 2 min of mandatory rest between sets. After 25 reps of a set run 25yds and back. Coupons = Cinderblocks

  • Squat Thrusters W/Coupon
  • Arm Curls W/Coupon
  • Kettle Bell Swings W/Coupon
  • Man Makers W/Coupon

Thinking the IPC needed a little extra, a “Merkin timer” was set. Every 5 minutes, regardless of what we were doing, we stopped to knock out 25 Merkins.

We had a little time left so we circled back up for a last push.

Pax were given directions to get on their 6 w feet facing out. Feet were held at 6 inches while each pax took their turn bear crawling around the circle.


  • Count
  • Name
  • Prayer
  • Pledge


  • Biscuts at Maple Street! @MapleStreetBiscuit

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