Burpee Flower Warmup

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15 HIMs posted at Boondocks on a frigid Florida morning: Patch, Pope, Tazz, Aquaman, Extinguisher, Butcher, FiftyCent, Scholls, Feud, Updraft, Farah&Farah, Cool Breeze, Culpepper, & Twister.

We avoided a rumored water obstacle… but still received a proper soaking from mopping up the ‘frost’ on the ground (70° at 0700).

Strong start with Burpee Flower ~ begin by running in place along with Moby’s “Flower” track. Perform a burpee every time you hear “Bring Sally down” (29x). It amounts to 206 seconds of joy.


Sadly, the Q forgot to implement the “Low Crawl” into the final Dora. #nexttime





P.S. The “DyingCockroach” is always a great substitute for plank or tree hug in between sets.

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