Just Post!

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  • When: 12/09/2019
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Terminator, Duck(DR), Lazy Boy(DR),Airbags(R), McDreamy(R), Outhouse, Full Monty(R), Wahoo, Seinfeld

12 Pax posted in the gloom to enjoy a Monday morning beatdown …the message was simple…Just Post…the more you post, the better you become…the better you become, the better you are for your family and your friends and your work.

Warm up…Spider-Man stretch…SSH•15/ 7 each side OYO…Hello dolly. •10/alt shoulder taps•20/Bird Dogs each leg•10/the reacher•10/Abe Vigoda •5/MP•10/SSH•15/flutter kicks •10. 


Route 66 to football field.  Stop at each light and do a burpee… add one.

Mosey to Football field

wall sit for one minute

Welsh dragon::::1 merkin,1 plank Jack. 1 ast…4 count bear crawl

Until you get to 10 of each exercise…

100 yd dash. 10 flutter kicks. Plank for 6. 100 yd dash 10 FK…

Rinse and repeat.

Cut a flip…5 merkins. 5 big boy sit ups 6x

wall sit. Balls to the walls donkey kicks


run to lit street lights  5 burpees each light.

mosey around the parking lot and circle up.

The Pax Performed admirably to some questionable 60’s music .  Lots of burpees and shoulder work today…everyone performed beautifully this morning with minimal amounts of mumble chatter and harassing comments.

12 men were made better by their efforts.
final message: watch out for your brothers by reaching out to them and see how they are doing…the size of the Pax is directly related to the faith that you put in your fellow man!
thank you for the opportunity to get better today and lead you men in the gloom.

Papa Smurf

also, the Christmas party was a smashing hit. Already looking forward to next year.

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