Reindeer Card Game @ThunderDome

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Aquaman, 50cent, Tazz, Doink, & Twister were dealt a deliberate but unpredictable beatdown on Tuesday.

54 playing cards randomly prescribed the shuffled workout of 5 exercises:
• Diamonds = Hand Release Merkins
• Spades = 4ct Flutterkicks
• Hearts = Bonnie Blairs
• Clubs = Burpees
• Jokers = Bodybuilders
Reps correspond to the number on card.
All face cards and aces = 10 reps.

All 54 cards barely fit into the 45min “Reindeer Card Game.” When all the cards were dealt, the PAX had completed 85x each: HR Merkins, 4ct Flutterkicks, Bonnie Blairs, and Burpees with 20 Bodybuilders to round things out.

Word of the COT was “savor” in order to remind us to savor the Christmas season and encourage us to forge memory-making moments with our most loved people.

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