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  • When: 12/31/2019
  • QIC: Dollar Bill
  • The PAX: Outhouse, Gizzard, McD (R), Inside Out (R), Wasted, Bloomer, Sofa, Gravy, Pull Ups

Impressively, 10 PAX posted on run day.  YHC surmised the turnout must have been a combination of cooler temperatures and the anticipation of New Years Eve.   YHC explained that his theme for 2020 is MOVE.   YHC is committed to being more active and engaged in various endeavors and relationships this coming year.

WARM-O-RAMA- Limp Member OYO, Downward Dog OYO

THANG- Mosey to western base of 210 bridge.  Native American (Indian) Run over bridge to eastern base.  Partner up and sprint with partner to every light pole on 210 bridge starting at the eastern base and finishing at the western base.  Native American (Indian) Run from western base to apex of bridge.  Mosey to Flag.

Total-  Over 4 miles at an average pace of 9 minutes 28 seconds per mile.

COT-  F2 Kraken and Spartan.  F3 Prayers for I/O’s father who will be undergoing surgery later this week.

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