Kraken residuals

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  • When: 01/20/2020
  • QIC: Full Monty
  • The PAX: Zamboni (R), Airbags (R), Duck (RR), Cold Feet, Dreamliner (welcome), Squeege (R), Outhouse, Terminator, Blackout (R)

Chilly…perfect for an after Kraken beatdown…missing all those who posted for Kraken, but couldn’t make it this am…by the way where is @Snaggle, thought for sure he was going to post. Had a visitor Dreamliner from Virginia.

Warm Up

Abe Vigoda
Michael Phelps
Limp Member – OYO


The Thang

Mosey to Soccer field
Merkins – IC every so often
5 of diamonds – as a group start with 5 burpees, mosey to next corner, then mosey as a group, 5 in each corner OYO. 10 flutter kicks (each leg) IC in each corner. 15 merkins in each corner IC. 20 Freddy Mercuries IC. 15 merkins in each corner, 10 Flutter Kicks IC, 5 burpees each corner.
Mosey to flag


Prayed for family and friends with sickness, job situations and for unspoken requests. Be there for your brothers! Always an honor to lead, thanks for posting boys!

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