Partner Up

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  • When: 03/11/20
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: Bada Bing, Dollar Bill, Mayhem, Terminator, Shirley, Triple Play

6 pax joined the YHC on a warm Moonlit morning. The message provided “Seek Solitude.” The theme was Partner Up, Music -All Irish-


SSH x10 IC, LBAC Forward/Backward x10 IC, MP x10 IC, Reacher x10 IC, LM and calf stretch OYO, 10 Merkins

The thang

Indian Run to far soccer fields

Partner up 1

Partner carry to 3rd cone, alternate pax Derkins x25, switch partner carry back.

Wheelbarrow to 3rd cone, alternate pax dips x25, switch partner wheelbarrow back

Leapfrog to 3rd cone, alternate Iron Cross x25, leapfrog back

Partner up 2

Pyramid Runs

alternate sprint and Merkins x5 first cone

alternate sprint and Plank Jacks x4, 2nd cone

alternate sprint and Shoulder Taps, x3 3rd cone

alternate sprint and Burpees x2, 4th cone

All sprint to last cone

Partner Up 3

Partner race alternating at each cone, Partner Carry cones 1&2, Wheelbarrow cones 3&4, leapfrog cone 5. Repeat back

Plank/Airchair for Q to collect cones

Mosey Back to flag, with pax U call it exercises including Hello Dollys, Hill Billy’s, and Michael Jordan’s.

COT, Prayers for safe spring break travels and neighbor of Shirley.

Message – Seek Solitude “Sometimes you have to disconnect in order to better connect with yourself and with the people you serve and love.”

Ryan Holiday- Stillness is the Key

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