Mr. Clean Burpee Apocalypse Guest Q

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  • When: 07/08/2020
  • QIC: Mr. Clean Guest Q from F3Chattanooga
  • The PAX: Full Monty (Respect), Doink, Heisenberg, Left Turn, Dollar Bill, Deuce, Terminator, Hat Trick, Airbags (Respect), GNC, Gravy, Zamboni (Respect)

Conditions: Humid. Sweat Index: Extremely Uncomfortable.

AO: Goodlands


SSH x25 IC

Burpee Apocalypse (Chattanooga’s John Doe Special): 10 burpees down to 1 burpee (total of 55 for a warmup!)

Shoulder Blaster all exercises x15 IC: LBACF/LBACB/Morrocan Nightclubs/Arms Bent Morrocan Nightclubs/Chinook/Seal Clap/Hold 45º Angle 

The Thang

Thankfully, much mumblechatter ensued regarding John Doe’s Burpee Apocalypse. This, of course, told YHC more burpees were both needed and welcome. We moseyed to a curb.

Pax completed 2 rounds of the following.

Burpee Broad Jump to curb ~50 yards

Mosey “the curve”

Bear Crawl to next curb ~ 50 yards

Mosey to Start

Recovery Suicides

Complete suicides. 5 Cones placed 10 yards apart.

BUM so Ya Ain’t a Bum Dora

— 100 Burpees

— 200 Up Straddle Hops (single leg SSH)

— 300 Monkey Humpers

Dundee Ladders

This morning, YHC’s fellow brother completed his VQ. YHC had the opportunity of providing both Q School and “dry run”, so in honor of him, YHC added a portion of his ladder to today’s Beatdown.

5 — Merkins

10 — Bobby Hurleys

15/15/15 — Overhead/Seal/Alternating

20 — Pickle Pounders

Finished with 2 mins of Thunderstruck.


Left Turn got confused on the exercise…in the first left turn

“All I can hear is the stupid guitar” — Full Monty 57 (Respect)

“I know what’s coming next” — basically the whole Pax after the 3rd or 4th set in Burpee Apocalypse

“Burpees are GREAT warm-ups for burpee broad jumps”


Greater love hath no man than to lay his life down for a friend. — John 15:13

We have two choices each day, really. We can make a choice for good/right/just/righteous/LIGHT or we can make a choice for bad/wrong/unjust/DARK. YHC challenged the Pax to make these decisions carefully each day and be that positive light.

The Pax of F3Jax and Goodlands are thankful for the leadership and message from a HIM and downrange Pax from F3Chattanooga Mr. Clean

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