An acorn was popped!

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  • When: 7/13/2020
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Septum, Snuffy-DR, Gekko-R, Pud, Bernie, Bowzer

YHC saw that Kessel was open so why not?

At the appointed time and place the Pax set off for the destination of Treaty Oak Park. We used a mosey-like fashion.

Any beatdown that presents an opportunity for Pud to say “Hello Ladies!!” is just bonus. Today was a bonus day!

The Thang

We started in the center of the park then ran to each corner of the park for more crap to do.

5 Burpees – run to coner 1

10 Merkins- run to corner 2

15 Squats – run to corner 3

20 Birth canals – run to corner 4

25 Flutter kicks – run back to center.

We did that 5 times.

During the burpee portion of the show, Pud made friends with a roly poly bug.

Thang 2

Mosey to Steinmart parking garage, run to the top.

5 burpees at the top- mosey down 1 floor

10 Merkins- run to next floor

15 Squats – run to next floor

20 Birth canals – run to next floor

25 Flutter kicks – run to next floor.

We did that twice and the moseyed back to Flag for



Prayers and Trinity announcement this Friday

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