Unexpected Pleasures!

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  • When: 07/22/2020
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Banks(welcome) Pyro(welcome), Outhouse, Bullwinkle(R), Three Peat(R)

F3 is kinda crazy…Banks from F3 Wheaton, Il., drove all the way from the airport to the beach to join us…he didn’t really know any better…and Pyro drove all the way from downtown to the beaches(he knew better😉) to join in the fun too.

And the Q got to thinking how much thinking can actually hinder our progress. We talk ourselves out of a bunch of stuff instead of just doing it and getting over it or through it…today, in the immortal words of Crash Davis,

“Don’t think Meat, just pitch!”


SSH•15/LBAC F/R Morrocan night club•15/ Don Quixote•15/ Flutter kicks •15 AST•15


line up at mid field heading north.

Frankenstein 20LBC’s repeat

One legged hop. 20 LBC’s repeat

Run 30 squats repeat 2x

LT DAN TAYLOR up and back plank for 1 minute each lap

Bear crawl to speaker. (20 LBC’s)&back

Crawl Bear. 20 flutter kicks repeat

Mosey to Skate Park

20 step ups each leg /20 LBC’s. Repeat

Mosey to circle.  ciabatta…flutter kick, AST, Iron Mikes, Burpees, Russian Twists, WORLD WAR ONE SU, Monkey Humpers ,


prayers for Wanda and for all of this to be over… always a good time to see new faces in the gloom. Stay the course men!

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