Square it up!

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  • When: 8/15/20
  • QIC: Eileen
  • The PAX: Fix It, Patch, Farah and Farah, Updraft, Taz, Dr. Scholls, Doink, Butcher, Extinguisher, Twister, Aquaman, Amphibian, Loudmouth, Fifty Cents, Macho Libre, B for Bert

Another cool, crisp autumn morning at Boondocks!


Mosey to the hill

12 pack up and down the hill – Merkins and Star Jumps

Up and down the hill x 10

To the parking lot for some Updraft basketball shuffles, lunges, Rocky Balboas…

To the field – and the SQUARE IT UP. Cones set in square. Each cone has 4 workouts.

Progress around square doing each item moving down the list:

Cone 1

20 Star Jumps

20 Prisoner Squats

20 Bonnie Blairs

20 Bobby Hurleys

Cone 2

20 Plank Jacks

20 American Hammers

20 Crunchy Frogs

20 Dying Cockroaches

Cone 3

20 Dimond merkins

20 Wide Arm merkins

20 Carolina Dry Docks

20 Plank – shoulder taps

Cone 4

20 LBC

20 WW1

20 BB Sups

20 Freddy Mercury

100 yard sprints with exercises at each end; burpees, vups, etc…

Circle of Mary – we used to do this more! Maybe the group is too big? 17 PAX – if felt like we were holding legs up forever..

Pax in circle – hold legs at 45 deg, each pax runs around circle tapping feet until all have gone. Felt like about 30 min.

Lots of ab work – plank jacks, pickle pounders, plank toe touches, vups, dying cockroach, etc…

One more rotation around SQUARE – pick one exersice from the list of four and do it.


Prayer for thanks – Scholls  Anniversary today!

Doink – had a rough week mentally, just letting Pax know. We need to rally around our brother, men!

Q shared how belief in something bigger than himself (and better, in his M) allowed them peace when accidents happen…

It is amazing how having our focus on the Sky Q and remembering that we are on the same team (me and my M) keep us from blowing up at each other when we make mistakes. It is the same with relationships at work, driving in my truck, with kids, etc…Have that focus on something other than myself.

Way to work, men! That was fun!

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