Rise & Grind

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  • When: 9/10/2020
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Air Bags (respect), Outhouse, Threepeat (respect), Dollar Bill, Valdez, Left Turn, Mr. Yuck

Little did YHC realize when he signed up a few weeks ago to Q today at HN that it would come 24 hours after the murderous IPC cinderblock beatdown. So be it. While the body protested, the mind told it to shut up and get the job done. Off we went…

Warm-Up: A few mosey style laps around the flagpole, big baby arm circles, Michael Phelps, hillbilly, limp member (the LM was done in cadence, much to the awe and delight of the Pax), down dog, maybe one more…

Golf ball Dora: Partner up. P1 runs around the parking lot, grabs a golf ball out of the bucket while P2 does merkins, switch when P1 drops the ball into the other bucket. Then switch. We alternated merkins, LBCs and squats, and 55 golf balls successfully transferred from one bucket to another.

Mosey to stations: 23 stations in all, a mix of cardio and strength exercises, with 32 seconds of work per station, and then eight seconds to rest and move to next station.

Announcements: Travis Manion events this Saturday, with the ruck from Mickler’s starting at 7am; Hat Trick marathoning the 210 bridge (join him for a leg or three, look for the purple tent by PVO); F2 tonight at Island Girl Cigar Bar.

COT: No specific prayer requests; we prayed for needs unspoken, with thanks given for the opportunity to on this day employ the physical gifts we were blessed with.

And just like that, we had ground through another workout, becoming that much better. Thanks for coming out, always a pleasure and an honor to serve the Pax.

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