What opportunity are you missing?

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  • Nine Pax posted to celebrate Zamboni’s birthday and appreciate the opportunity to work out. We all have opportunities placed in front of us every day. How are we taking advantage of those opportunities?

Poseidon Saturday

Theme of the day is ….what opportunity or opportunities have you been given that you may not be taking advantage of..

Warm Up

MP•15/Tin Man•10/SSH•15/Reacher •10/Flutter kick •10/ T bird merkins•10/ Bird dog•10/ Hello Dolly•10 Spider Man Stretch•5. OYO AIR PULL UPS•

Zig zag hops on mid court line

Mosey to Playground.   

Bill Murray. : 10 merkins/10 squats/10 big boy sit ups/10 burpees:(4 laps). Around the playground.

Usain Bolts.. Usain Bolts:

1/2 down squat 15x 1/2 down to all the way down 15 x.  Full squat 15x

Mosey to field…

The Cooper

10 burpees 10 squats 10 merkins.  Lap.  999. Until 1

The entire Pax made it to the finish line, through the downpour and ended with announcements, COT, BOM.

Prayers for all those who lost friends and loved ones in 9/11, prayers for Wrangler and his job opportunities, and prayers for those on IR…always a pleasure to lead a great Q!

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