Try Something New!

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  • When: 10/10/2020
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Woody(FNG), Pickle, Lil Smurf,Cocktail(Birmingham), EPT, Half Moon OG, Home Alone, Tiny Hummer,Half Moon(r) Jumanji, Wrangler, Tone Deaf(R), High Pitch(R), Sandcrab(R)

The rain abated and 15 or so Pax showed up at varying hours of the morning to make sure the whole Pax did enough burpees for the day…

Try something new means doing something you haven’t done before without worrying about the results…

so we began




circle mof fun

4 minutes on…1 min of rest…

10 bear crawls out. 10 merkins and back. 10 merkins. 4 min.

1 min rest/plank

10 forward lunges out 20 mt climbers. And back to circle. 4 min on 1 min rest.

10 crab walks out. 20 flutter kicks each leg. 10 crab walks back. 20 flutter kicks.

4min on 1 min rest.

10single leg hops. 20 squats. Switch legs. 20 squats. 4 min on 1 min off


10 backward lunges 10 burpees. 10 backward lunges 10 burpees. 4 min on 1 min off

Cut a flip. 5 merkins. 5 BBSU. AMRAP. 4 min on 1 min off..

10bear crawls. 20 BBSU 10 bear crawls 20bbsu. 4 min on 1 min off.

5 broad jumps. 5 burpees

4 min on 1 min off

COT. BOM  welcome FNG Woody and Cocktail on his return visit from Birmingham…

Prayers for new beginnings, all the guys on IR, those with family members sick and hurting, and the rest of the world.

verse of the day. James. 1:26

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