Work Your Tail Off

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  • When: 10/13/2020
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Gizzard, Dollar Bill, Heisenberg, Valdez, Sofa, Hat Trick

Our tribute to Eddie Van Halen continued with YHC kicking off the Tuesday morning workout with this EVH quote from a 2015 interview:

Q: What does it mean to be American? (YHC note: Recall that EVH was born in The Netherlands before moving to the US with his family.)

A: I’m very proud to be an American, for one. It’s freedom. And a country of opportunity where if you have a dream, a gift, a talent, and a passion — if you work your tail off, you still have the opportunity to achieve anything you want to achieve.

There you go — a guy who made blinding shreds on his frankenstrat guitars look absolutely effortless did so by working his tail off. A lesson for all of us to live by. One more reason to salute EVH (as if Atomic Punk isn’t reason enough!)

Godspeed, EVH.

Onto the workout…

YHC is a firm believer in the “if you can’t Q it, don’t do it” maxim. For run day, YHC wanted to make sure the pax was pumping up its VO2 max (ask Left Turn to explain it) but the standard approach to this — running really fast for a sustained period of time — was problematic given YHC’s lingering calf and hammy issues. So we tried a different approach, relying on coupons to help elevate us into the zone 5 heart rate realm with moderate running mixed in. Here’s how it went down:

Warm-up: About a mile easy mosey, running down to the soccer field and back to the circle, with some strides thrown in on the way back. Passed the FIA women working out in the second parking lot on the way, and while there was talk of shirts coming off as we moseyed by them, it all proved to be empty bluster given that Saigon Sam was not there to initiate the stripdown.

Drill 1: Squat thrusts with cinderblock: Do 10 squat thrusts, drop the f—ing block (that was for you, SS) run 50 yards out and come back. Do 8 squat thrusts, run 50 out and come back, etc., down to 2 squat thrusts. 30 squat thrusts in all.

Trade out blocks for pavers.

Drill 2: Jog to second parking lot. Run length of parking lot carrying your paver however you would like. Cover the width of the parking lot by doing lunges while holding the paver over your head. Do four laps around the parking lot following this sequence. This seemed to be a crowd-pleaser.

Head back Tircle, throwing in a one-minute wall sit on the poles near the outhouse and 50 LBCs for a token acknowledgement of the need for ab work.

Cool down. We did ahis consisted of a few stretches, including a forward fold done — get this — in cadence! (This absolutely BLEW Gizzard’s mind.) YHC attempted to throw in a few zen-inducing yoga phrases in an effort to elevate the conversation (“imagine your heart is a lotus blossom of love floating into a cloud of happy”) but it appeared Sofa was about to vomit so that was quickly discarded.

In all, we ran almost exactly 5K. YHC achieved an avg heart rate for the 38 min of work just inside zone 5, mission accomplished. Hope it was as beneficial for the hard-working pax as well. Speaking of which, props to Gizzard for powering through this with the remnants of bronchitis plaguing his upper respiratory system. And it was good to see the Natan show up for a Tuesday run.

* Upcoming F2 event
* Xmas party
* Plea to sign up to lead workouts — if you haven’t Q’d in a while, get on it!
* Prayers for H’s brother-in-law, YHC’s mother-in-law, HT’s father — surgery coming up soon.

Always a pleasure. YHC, out!

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