Where’s the cold?

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  • When: 12/01/2020
  • QIC: McFly
  • The PAX: 50Cent, Fix-It, Mr. Woodchuck, Scholls, Twister

It’s not often that cold is discussed in N. Florida so I was really excited when I heard it would be in the 30s. I did make a few changes to accommodate and alternate between the ground and feet. These changes were not made to decrease suck but rather to increase the total number of exercises. Unfortunately when I got to the car the temperature showed 41. We did have some wind so perhaps with wind chill it was in the 30s but cold was a non-factor.

Warm Up

Michael Phelps (10), LBAC (10), Reacher (12), Don Quixote (10), Hillbilly (10)

Exercises – Split up into 4 section

  1. Elevens – Burpees + X-Ups. Start at goal. Do Burpees. Run to 50 yard line. Do X-Ups. Run backwards. Repeat
  2. Tri-fecta – Side Merkins (15), Squats (20), Side Merkins (15), Squats (20), Diamond Merkins (20), Crab walk (~40 y)
  3. Hammys – Monkey Squats (15), 1 leg butt lift / reverse pickle pounder (15), Merkins (15), Monkey Squats (15), 1 leg butt lift / reverse pickle pounder (15), Merkins (15)
  4. Core – Plank punches (20), V-Ups (10),  Plank punches (20), V-Ups (10)

Count O Rama, Name O Rama, Word 

I find myself to be more self-centered than desired and sometimes I need to check myself. We may also propagate this behavior. For example when we communicate to others we are taught to focus on WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) so that our audience pays attention. When I look at prior generations and reflect on my time living outside the US I see a greater focus on the community rather than self. We are members of the community and directly influence how it grows and evolves. It is our responsibility to contribute, be the change, the example and also inspire others.

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