Reindeer Games

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  • When: 12/14/2020
  • QIC: Full Monty
  • The PAX: Airbags (R), Wasted, Bloto, Smash (R), Snaggle, Aquaman, Tazz, 3-peat(R), Yard Sale, Shirley(R), Peg, Dollar Bill, Sofa, Bloomer, Outhouse(R), Terminator

Christmas is never complete without a version of reindeer games and this morning was no exception. 16 PAX joined YHC ITG at Badlands to see what Rudolph and his friends have been up to for a year. They didn’t disappoint. After the initial screening for FNG’s, it was brought to the QIC that we had a @Snaggle sighting, and sure enough we did! After the usual pleasantries and formally reintroducing myself to Snaggle, we were of to the games…


SSH X 12

Michael Phelps x 12

Limp Member – OYO

Hillibillies x 12

Reachers x 12

Merkins x 10

Chinnooks  x 12

Mosey to bear crawl alley…

Rocky Balboas and Butkus x 30 sec each

Mosey to four corners…

The Thang

The PAX fully enjoyed some reindeer trivia and 5 burpees for each wrong answer…4 X 5 = 20 penalty burps

Reindeer trivia: Who was Rudolph’s love interest in RRNR? Clarice

Which reindeer was mentioned first in Twas the Night Before Christmas? Dasher

What magic vegetable allows reindeer to fly? Corn

Which reindeer is the fastest? Rudolph

Which reindeer was introduced in the Santa Clause 2? Chet

Which reindeer is named after thunder? Donner is German for thunder.

Dasher – Dasher Dry Docks x 8

Dancer – Derkins x 8

Donner – Dips x 8…to field

Rinse and repeat 3 times…then to the baseball field outfield

Prancer – Plank Jacks x 24 in cadence

Comet – Circle Burp 1 x 17

Back to four corners

Blitzen – Bear Crawl to light pole

Cupid – Crawl Bear back to four corners

Vixen – V up’s in cadence

Hello Dolly’s in cadence

Another round of Dasher, Dancer, Donner’s

Mosey to Santa’s House…Balls to the Wall for 60 sec, followed by wall sit for 60 sec

Mosey to flag…

Merkins x 10

AB Merkins x 10

Diamond merkins x 10

on your 6…LBC’s x 25 and Freddy Mercuries x 25


Prayers for 3 peats uncle Danny, Christmas travel and those alone at this time of year. QIC challenged the PAX to be leaders in their families, jobs and communities. Also to find someone who is alone and come along side them.

As always it was a pleasure to lead you men this morning…have a productive week!

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