Santa’s Little Helpers

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  • When: 12/19/2020
  • QIC: Eileen
  • The PAX: Heisenberg, Jumanji, Farah & Farah, Mr. FixIt, Fifty Cent, Culpeper, McFly, Updraft, Twister, Doink, Macho Libre, Scholls, Extinguisher, Aquaman, LoudMouth, Bert, Hammer, FNG - Bullseye, Mr. WoodChuck (honorary attendee - he did 16 miles!)

20 Pax helped ol Saint Nick carry his bags of goodies for all the 2.0s…

December 19, 2020 – Christmas is Coming! Help him carry his Goody Bag

Warm Up

The Thang – Pair Up! 12 Days of Christmas! – Grab Santa’s Goody Bag: 50 lbs sand bag!

  1. Mosey to the hill for a quick Dory
    • One partner carries bag up and down the hill x 2
    • 44 BBSUs; 100 Crunches (that’s 122)
  • Get to know your elf partner…find out their favorite ever Christmas Present they received on way to astro turf
  • Santa’s Sack: Time to load the sled! Sand Bag Carry –
    1. One guy carries bag around the loop
    2. Partner does 25 x squat + 25 x Merkins + 25 BBSUs
    3. Switch to – Partner keeps bag and does squats, lay down and do presses, and BBSUs
    4. Rinse and Repeat for TIME (Christmas is on 25th…)
  • Switch up partners – live tree or fake? Eggnog or no?
  • The Teddy Bear Crawl
    1. Bear crawl suicides with descending burpees – start with 9
    2. Partner 1 – Bear Crawl OUT, Jog Back
    3. Partner 2 – SIMULTANEOUSLY carries bag next to Partner 1 (So, if your partner is slow on bear crawl…that bag gets heavy!) jog back; do burpees together, switch roles, repeat
  • On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer and Vixen – leave bag, Run around the field
  • Circle of Mary – tons of flutterkicks, crunchies, slow count merkins, other stuff
  • Back to the berm – Carry that bag up and over 2x while your partner does 44 crunchy frogs; 100 squats


Be the leader by being the servant this week. Especially to your M. Find that thing that is frustrating them/creating anxiety and take it from them.

The best thing you can say to your M? “Honey, I’ll take that and do it. I got this.” And then do it well, don’t half a$$ it. Be a man!

Welcome to Bullseye! Spencer McIntosh is a golf pro. For real.


We probably had 80% participation in Coffetaria. It was awesome.

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