Hammerin Hank

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We lost a baseball legend this past weekend Mr. Henry “Hank” Aaron the “OG” home run king(debate another time). That was not his only record but the 755 is what people know him for. He also was a HIM and faced a lot of adversity during his chase. I decided to pay tribute to Mr. Aaron with 3 Pax with a 755 rep beatdown. During beatdown I added historical facts about his life and stats. Here we go:


10 SSH

10 Hillbillies

10 Reachers

10 Don Q

10 Mike Phelps

The Thang:

3 Stations setup exercises chronological based on each year of his career and HR’s Hit

Station #1

1954- 13 Burpees

1955- 27 Box Jumps

1956- 26 Merkins

1957- 44 Mtn Climbers

1958- 30 LBC’s

1959-39 Tricep Dips

1960- 40 Bobby Hurleys

Station #2 (coupons) 

1961- 34 Chest Press

1962-45 Bicep Curls

1963-44 Goblet Squats

1964-24 Man maker Merkins

1965-32 Quad Busters

1966-44 Deadlifts

1967-39 Flutter Kicks

1968-29  Leg Lifters

Station #3

1969-44 Shoulder Taps

1970-38 Seal Jacks

1971-47 Lunges

1972-34 Groiners

1973-40 Freddy Mercury’s

1974-20 Hand Release Merkin

1975-12 Apollo Burpees

1976-10 Pull-ups

Total 755 reps

Mosey to Flag




Message: Overcoming Adversity and Persevering

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