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Perseverance…… A steady course of action especially in spite of difficulties, disparity, and discouragement. When the going gets tough the tough get going!

The Pax included Yard Sale, Wasted, Full Monty, Dollar Bill, Sofa, Bloomer, Flo, Terminator, Airbag, Thumper, Hat Trick

5 Burpee’s Shuffle back-and-forth 50 yards 5 Burpee‘s
5 Burpee’s Skip back-and-forth 50 yards 5 Burpee’s
5 Burpee’s Toy soldier 5 Burpee’s….circle up.

Seal jacks, the reacher, hillbilly, surrenders, Four sets of side straddle Hops in cadence and 4 Burpee’s.

2 sets decrease by 5 reps 2nd set….10 Burpee’s sprint 50 yards 10 Burpee ‘s,sprint back, 20 Merkens sprint 50 yards, 20 Merkens Sprint 50 yards, 30 jailhouse squats sprint 50 yards, 30 jailhouse squats sprint 50 yards , 20 big boy sit ups sprint 50 yards 20 big boy sit ups sprint 50 yards.

Two sets… 10 plankjack, 20 Durkin, 30 dips, 40 mountain climbers, 10 American hammers, 2 sets balls to the wall 30 seconds each . Thank you Flo. mosey back to the COT.

Flutter kicks, Hello Dolly in cadence and stretches .

Prayers for all and Hat Tricks brother in law. Thank you always Men for showing and being great leaders .

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