Seek Mentors & Always Keep Learning

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  • When: 03/23/2021
  • QIC: Terminator
  • The PAX: Dollar Bill, Lock Pick (F3 Rock Hill, SC visitor, welcome!), Saigon Sam (R), Hat Trick, Prunetang, Gizzard, Airbags (R), Shirley (R), Deuce, Thumper, Valdez

F3 3/23/21

Seek Mentors & Always Keep Learning


20 SSH

20 Michael Phelps

Limp Member OYO

Stretches for running OYO

Pleased to have twelve of us for a fast-paced 4.5-mile jog to Nocatee and back on a pleasant spring morning in the 60s. We did the Galloway Method (run 8 mins, walk 1 min).

Message was about striving to learn more, whether we are young or old, there is always more to knowledge to gain. Finding great mentors is one of the quickest ways to acquire more knowledge without having to reinvent the wheel. Learning from those who have already done things we hope to accomplish is a wise investment to make.

Quick personal mentor story I told this morning: Though I’ve spoken with this gentleman a handful of times at various gatherings, I’ve wanted to meet with him one-on-one to ask him questions about his ultra-successful career so far. Less than 35 people in the world hold his current position, so I am curious about his journey to the top. After pondering for nearly five years (yes, a half decade!) if/how/when I’d reach out to him, I finally found the courage and mailed him a letter with my request this past Christmas. This week, he emailed me, apologized for the delay and scheduled an in-person meeting with me for this upcoming Friday. I’ll be grateful to pick up just one or two nuggets of advice from him that I can take with me on my career and personal growth journey. I’ll let the PAX know how it goes.






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