If it didn’t kill me back then…..

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  • When: 3/24/2021
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Zamboni(farted)R, Shock Treatment, Pick 6, Bouche-R, Heisenberg, Lego, Brexit, Synapse-Honor, Savage-R, Snuffy-Honor, Superfly-R, Toxic-Honor, Gekko-R

YHC had the Downtown Q all week and has been wanting to dig way back into the archives for today’s beatdown. So far, he went back to the very first beatdown he attended.  December 13th 2016 led by the one and only LIFO. YHC thought he would die.


  • Welcome
  • disclaimer
  • SSH
  • Don Quixote 15 ic
  • Reachers 15 ic
  • Snuffies 15 ic
  • Captain Thor 1:4  Mumble chatter about how YHC went way back to the Exicon for this
  • worst, worst merkin ever 5 ic (crucible, werkin, merkin, diamond) Heisenberg complaining that Merkins are not Warm-ups. Silly man, we are so past the warmups.
  • jump squats 15 ic
  • lbc 50 ic
  • mosey to pavillion
  • calf raises 25 ic –
  • dips 15 ic
  • Squats  IC
  • Mosey to Field
  • iron hulk 1:4 –>10:40
  • WW1 situps 20
  • worst, worst merkin ever 5 ic – Cuz it was so much fun the first time.
  • flutter kicks 25 ic
  • mosey to pavillion
  • calf raises 25 ic
  • dips 15 ic
  • step ups 15 each leg oyo
  • irkins 15
  • Derkins 15
  • lap around park
  • bb situps 15 ic
  • merkins 10 ic
  • This is where YHC started making stuff up
  • Mosey to playground
  • 6 pack squats to pull ups
  • Mosey to BBC- Suicides with ascending Mountain Climbers
  • Time with Mary-Protractor and other stuff
  • Mosey to flag and finish with Circle Burpees


YHC professed that each year he’s taken a look at that beatdown but never felt up to taking it on…til now.

Prayers and announcements- Tom Wakefield, Orbit

Finished with mention of today’s chapter in Q source. Overcoming fear and being courageous!

Heisenberg prayed us out!

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