Cinderblocks without the heavy objects

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  • When: 4/1/21
  • The PAX: Septum, Hey Boss, Eileen - R, Extinguisher - R, Updraft - R, Pyro

7 Pax arrived at ChopShop, wondering what letter this workout was based on (see Tuesday).  None. (They did not see the whiteboard at the playground or the dice at the pavilion).


  • Imperial walkers IC
  • Cherry Pickers IC
  • Sun god IC
  • tempo merkins IC
  • temp squats IC

The Thang:

Mosey to the playground, knock out 5 pullups.  Behold, the whiteboard. Do the exercises.

  • C – carolina dry docks 20
  • I – Imperial walkers 20
  • N – Nolan Ryan 20/side
  • D – Diamond merkins 20
  • E – E2k – 20/side
  • R – Ranger Merkins 20
  • B –  BBSU 20
  • L – LBFC 20
  • O – outlaws 20 (10 each way)
  • C – Chinook squats 20 ic
  • K – Knerkins – 20 – Everyone brought out their inner Chuck Norris with these
  • S – Singlet Merkins 10 6ct ic  -crowd pleaser…these will be back.

Dan Taylor to the pavilion.  Dice.

one pax rolls one of them. the number represents an exercise: dips, squats, merkins, monkey humpers, burpees, lbc.

another pax rolls 2. Add them together and subtract from 30.

Lo and behold, first was a bunch of burpees ..YHC changed them to Diamond David Lee Roth burpees.  After round of these, YHC ask the PAX to choose one of the cinderblock exercises they like the least and do them. Everyone chose one..then we did the rest…a sneaky way to rinse and repeat.

Dan Taylor to the playground, 5 pullups, 5 more burpees (DDLRB).

Mosey to the flag.

Naked Moleskin:

  • F2 – bowling.
  • Various PAX travels.
  • Trinity, Farm.
  • Family.

Thankful for the PAX.


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