5 Alive!

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  • When: 05/01/2021
  • QIC: Crotchless
  • The PAX: Roddy, Crush, Bigbird, Woodshed, Sasquatch, Crotchless

Five measly exercises. Five rounds.  How hard could it possibly be?  There’s not even a Cindy involved in this beat down!

Six pax came out to Asgard on an absolutely beautiful morning.  Roddy, Sasquatch, and Crush came in right at 7 am, mainly because they had to squeeze in a 3 mile ruck before the beat down began.

COP– typical warm up stuff.  SSH, Don Quixote, Toy Soldiers, Merkins, Squats, all IC


5 rounds of the following exercises. BUT, each round increases rep count by 5.

1/2 mile run after each round. Here it is:

5 pull ups

10 burpees

15 jump squats


25 merkins

So, by round 5, the reps look like this- 25 pull ups, 30 burpees, 35 jump squats, 40 BBSU, 45 merkins. AND 2.5 miles ran


YHC almost merlot’ed, same with Woodshed.  Bigbird gave me a crooked eye about this workout before we started. Good times.  It sucked.


This workout got harder as it progressed, a lot harder. This kind of represents our lives. We spend the first several years of our life with no or minimal responsibilities, so it’s easy. Then, 30/40/50 years later we have a career, a wife, maybe some children to raise, bills to pay, etc.  When hard times hit, and they will,  it’s important and almost necessary to have a support system to help you get through it.  You could see that support system today during the beat down.  Each pax encouraging the other not to quit, keep moving forward, reach the finish line.  Because it’s hard to finish it on your own ( speaking about rough times and this workout). I know for certain I would have quit this workout had I taken it on without my F3 brothers next to me.



Ended with prayers for Abby, Phil and his family, healing of this country.


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