Derby Day #147…

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  • When: 05/01/2021
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Half Moon OG, EPT, Wrangler, Bada Boom, House Party, Yard Sale(r), Inside Out(r), Sandcrab(rr), Carl(rr)

What an incredible morning to workout…perfect temps and low humidity made for a great training day.
Unlike the Derby field, which is made up of only 3 year olds(did you know that all horses have the same birthday? Jan 1), this pax goes from 27 to 65…
In the spirit of the Derby, the Pax did a lot of sprints(not actually like the mile and a quarter Derby) and some good upper body work.
THEME OF THE DAY: It’s a beautiful day…
SSH.20.hillbillies.20 reacher.15 flutter kick .20 Spider-Man stretch .5 wonderbra.10 michael Phelps.10
Bearcrawl from mid field to end line…
Mini Spartan. 15 sprints. 10 merkins at the end of each sprint.
11’s…1 big boi run 2 flutters. Run backwards
Finish with Ciabatta.. each man calling out an exercise. Finish with a smile and a stretch…
Prayers for lots of people and lots of things. Always a grand time to work out and smile.

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