Positive Feedback & Being Present

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  • When: 05/04/21
  • QIC: Sofa
  • The PAX: Hat Trick, Thumper, Airbags (r), Gizzard, Dollar Bill, Deuce, PruneTang (r), Outhouse (r), Terminator, Flo, Saigon Sam (r)

Good to see the humidity is making its return (according to my watch it was 71° and 96% humidity)!  11 Pax joined for run day.  As much as I don’t look forward to Tuesdays I always feel better for doing them.

After a quick warm-up we moseyed to the base of the bridge.  Fastholes were directed to wagon wheel for Clydesdales if they got there first.  20 merkins/20 LBCs at the base of the bridge followed by an Indian Run to the apex of the bridge.  20 merkins/20 LBCs followed by a mosey down to the water’s edge then back to the eastern base of the bridge.  20 merkins/20 LBCs followed by an Indian Run back to the top.  Mosey to the western base then regroup for a mosey back to the circle at Davis Park.

All-in-all, about 4 to 4.1 miles depending on the watch you looked at about a 9:50 pace.


Recently, my M and I were talking about a friend of ours going through some marital issues.  Without any thinking she said “the difference between you and him is that you’re ‘in it.’  You are here to play with the kids, discipline the kids and help them with their homework.  Whatever they need, you’re ‘in it'”  It was a simple thing to say, but coming from the person I’m closest with it meant a lot.  It made me realize how much it means to lift up those around you.  I always have self-doubt but that positive reinforcement meant so much.  It also showed the importance of showing up and being present because we only get to do these things once.


F3 Daytona launch for McDreamy – clown car leaving Panera 5:15a Saturday, the 8th.  Fallen on the 29th.


Prayers for Uncle Bubba, Gizzard’s daughters, DB’s father, Flo’s wife and father-in-law and SS’s colleague.


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