What is your intention?

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Welcome to F3


I am Left Turn and I am not a professional.


Theme of the day is intention.


Intention is an aim or plan. What you are trying to do?


How many people know what they are trying to do? It is so easy to go through life reactive – just go with the flow and choose the generally accepted right action or decision. Are you intentional with your life? How can you be more intentional?


Walk to the sign and then mosey 400


Five rounds of:


High reach

Toe touch

Walk out pushup

Down Dog


Inch worm


Side straddle hop

Michael Phelps

Hill Billy

Imperial Walker

Limp Member


A little F3 trivia before we start…


Anyone know the origin of the term Nantan?


Right answer = 0 burpees

Wrong answer = 10 burpees


The thang


10 rounds – every 2 minutes

1 stair lap

8 Thrusters

AMRAP burpees


Cool down



Prayers for intention, for our service men and women, and for people everywhere to find peace and guidance

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