Emancipation Day

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  • When: 06/19/2021
  • QIC: Extinguisher
  • The PAX: Extinguisher, UpDraft, Eileen, Farah&Farah, Butcher, Aquaman, Doink, Slushee, Green Eggs, Loudmouth,Hooker, Pink Panther,Cupid, Pusher, Triple Threat (DownRanger)

15 Pax  posted with one from  downrange Triple threat from New Orleans to Boondocks to celebrate and learn about Juneteenth. A combination of June and Nineteenth- commemorates when the last enslaved people in the south were finally set free. This YHC took this opportunity to give a brief history of this holiday with some added facts about slavery.

Cindy’s were required for entire  beatdown


22 SSH -represent September 22nd when Lincoln decided to sing Emancipation Proclamation

13 Reachers – 13th Amendment abolished slavery totally

11 Michael Phelps- 1/1 EP was officially signed into law

Grab Cindy and mosey to turf field goalline

The Beatdown:

Part 1 The Middle Passage

Middle Passage represents when West Africans were taken from their homeland and transported on slave ships to work. Dangerous journey took 80 days where many died.

Blockee Dan’s for 80 yards- 4 Lunges and 1 blockee adding 1 blockee every 4 lunges

10 count run to middle of field and circle up

Part II 1619

1619 is when the 1st documented slaves landed in the United States

AMRAP x 5 mins

16 Curl/Squat/ Overhead press

19 Derkin N’ Diayes (feet on Cindy)

10 count run to goalline

Part III Juneteenth 6/19/1865

6 Rounds (only completed 2 full rounds)

19 Get Up -Stand Ups

18 BBBSU’s

65 Mountain Climbers

402 meter run ( approximated) 402 years since slavery.

Mosey to flag

Bear Crawl Circle with 13 pushups



Announcements: Farm , Trinity

Message: What Juneteenth means to this YHC. How F3 has allowed me to lead and provide a platform to educate about OUR history good/bad. Encourage HIMs to create dialogue and educate their families. (Sparked good conversation between Pax)







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