Lucy and the Frisbee

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  • When: 07/10/2021
  • QIC: sasquatch, crotchless
  • The PAX: Snuffie, Barker, Wild Turkey, Drumstick, Big Bird, Feud, Woodshed, Roddy

10 PAX gathered at Thunderbolt Park field (still wet!) for Asgard’s 1 year anniversary beat down.  YHC and Sasquatch were the co-Qs for the event since both of us are also celebrating 1 year of being a part of F3.  We had guest appearances from Snuffleupagus and Barker…and Wild Turkey!  Oh, by the way, I Googled Snuffleupagus for the correct spelling and about 3 different versions come up to spell it.  Its Snuffalupagus, Snuffaluffagus, and Snuffleupagus.  I digress….


Standard COP stuff- SSH, Don Quixote, Reachers, LBAC forward/backward, Wonder Bra, Moroccan NC


The Thang

LUCY- a conveyor belt workout in which there are cones in a line, spaced about 6-8′ apart.  Since we had 10 PAX, 9 cones were used.  The “ghost” cone at the end is a runner, whose job was to run one lap around the field, back to cone 1.  The runner is the timer for the PAX at the stations dong exercises.  When the runner reached cone 1, everyone slid down to the next corresponding cone.  The pax that got bumped off the last cone is now the runner.  Rinse and repeat for 20 minutes. The cones had exercises taped to them ad they are as follows: Ranger Merkins, Goblet squats (Cindy), Carolina Dry Docks, Reverse crunches, Curls for the Girls (Cindy), lunges, LBCs, Smurf Jacks, then T-merkins.

Decided to call it Lucy because of I Love Lucy’s famous episode where she was working in a chocolate factory and had to wrap chocolates coming down the conveyor belt.

After 2 full rounds of Lucy, a short Indian run was had around the field.  Finally, we ended with a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Red jersey team vs no jersey team.  Scoring team picks exercise and they do 10 reps, defense has to do 20 reps. No jerseys prevailed, 8-4.






Prayers (the Birt Family, Big Bird’s Grandmother)


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