A Day at the Races!

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5 Pax posted in the dark for a beautiful beach type work out…donuts for all and a little exercise mixed in.
“Don’t go to the grave with life unused.” Bobby Bowden
SSH/Michael Phelps/Reacher/Hello Dolly/Alternating Shoulder Taps..
Dolly to Skatepark..
10 dips 10 big boi 10 merkins lap..R&R…
10 step ups 10 derkins 10 flutter kicks. 15/15/15. Mosey
Mini-mini-Spartan 15 50 yard dashes with 10 merkins after each.
Victory lap
The great fun in F3 is watching competition among the Pax…Conroy was leading the field in Spartan races until Outhouse decided to kick it up a notch. Always fun to see old guys trying to outdo each other.
Prayers for those sick, injured, and healing…
Always fun to lead

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