Important or Impact?

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  • When: 08/11/2021
  • QIC: Prunetang
  • The PAX: Sockeye, Karl (rx2), inside out (r), Mulligan, Yard Sale (r), Felony,Home Alone, Restitch

9 pax took a dip into the pool on this glorious hump day

Warm up:

the reacher




Michael Phelps

Limp Member

Down Dog


Child’s Pose

Mosey a lap

That Thang

12 minute EMOM

10 air squats

10 merkins

20 Side Straddle Hop

Mosey a lap Then:

Four rounds

25 Air squats

20 Big boy Sit ups

15 Merkins

20 Bonnie Blairs

5 burpees

200 meter run


10 Burpees (OYO)

*  Welcome Sockeye (F3 Charlottesville)


Stop trying to be important and start trying to be impactful. The truth is, in my experience, the equation is exactly backwards.

if you’re truly impactful, you will ultimately get to your destination of being “important”  There is a falseness about today’s world that we need to be “liked” in order to be important, I am here to tell you that is an empty destination.

Chasing others acceptance is a surefire way to end up empty. Focus on being true to yourself and doing good by others. Not good for others that can return the good but rather do something for someone who can’t necessarily return the “transaction” to you.

The world rewards your intentions, not your tactics

Let’s Go!!!


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