Incremental gains

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  • When: 08/25/2021
  • QIC: Sofa
  • The PAX: Skidmark, Prunetang (r), GNC, Tackleberry, Terminator

Lots of fartsackers today, but there were 6 at Badlands ready to fight the humidity and start the day off right…

SH (IC) 15 / Hill-billies (IC) 10 / Michael Phelps (IC) 10 / LBACF (IC) 10 / LBACB (IC) 10 / Reacher (IC) 10 / Limp Member (OYO) / Peter Parker Stretch

9 minutes-15 shoulder presses/10 block swings then run half lap around the parking lot stopping at far side to do 15 hello dollies/15 LBCs; rinse and repeat

Run to first parking lot & a modified dora – 100 merkins (stop after 50 then run to the 2nd island and back), 100 LBCs (stop after 100 then run to the 2nd island and back), 150 squats (stop at 75 then run to the 2nd island and back)

Return to parking for 9 minutes of block work: 5 manmakers/10 squats/10 curls then run to other end & do 15 flutters/15 LBCs

Close out with stretch: arm across front, arm behind head, limp member, downward dog, cobra, Peter Parker, pigeon


Message from Legacy, a book by James Kerr about the most successful professional rugby team of all time, and applying their leadership principles to life & business:

Success, is ‘modest improvement, consistently done’. It is about an unrelenting focus on the big goals – winning and leaving a legacy – but also constant attention to the details of practice and preparation. ‘The best sports people in the world practice more than they play.’ ‘Business people should practice too. They should go home at night and analyze their day’s performance. They don’t and they need to. To be good at something takes practice, and lots of it.’ Excellence is a process of evolution, of cumulative learning, of incremental improvement.


Prayers for the Coughlin family and family members of Terminator fighting Covid

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