Expect the Unexpected

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  • When: 09/21/21
  • QIC: Terminator
  • The PAX: Flo, Sofa, Dollar Bill, Prunetang (R), Deuce, Thumper, Sous, Baywatch, Team Mom (visitor, welcome again), Saigon Sam (R), Outhouse (R), Hat Trick, Felony

F3 9/21/21

Last night’s teaser on Slack led to today’s workout:

Oscar Wilde, the flamboyant and quick-witted cultural commenter, said what about having to do with “showing a thoroughly modern intellect”?

That answer is our theme tomorrow at Badlands ‘Run Day’. See you there.

Morning arrived, and 14 PAX came out for today’s Tuesday ‘Run Day’.

We completed our traditional warmup exercises, but instead of then running to the bridge, the storage units or our regular Nocatee scenic routes, we unexpectedly sloshed throughout Davis Park’s dark and wet (albeit beautiful) football, soccer and baseball fields.

We ran to the 50-yard line and back a few times, same with midfield on a soccer pitch. As we continued on, we mixed in some exercises and even unexpectedly tackled an inflatable dummy that was in our path on the turf field! For proper technique, our good friend and visitor from Georgia, Team Mom (FKA Guard Dawg), showed us how to correctly block, while Coach Baywatch crushed the dummy with a proper big hit.

From there, we ran through the woods and over a wooden bridge, emerging on top of more football fields (grass this time), and eventually glided through a baseball field! Just when we thought it was Mission Accomplished back at the flag, we unexpectedly continued on to a nearby concession stand/restroom building for “balls to the wall”.

Alas, we successfully made it back to the circle and discussed how it’s not a matter of if, but when unexpected things will happen to all of us. We can choose to prepare the best we can for unexpected times by being strong mentally, physically and spiritually, and by having a group like this to support us.





“To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.” -Oscar Wilde, From the play, ‘An Ideal Husband’



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