One Step at a Time

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  • When: 10/30/2021
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Pink Teddy Bear (respect), Divine Intervention (double respect in just a few days), Shorty, Liu Kang, Well Grounded (double respect), Clothesline, D-Day (respect), Saigon Sam (respect)

Another great day out at the farm. We knocked out a warm-up featuring an extended “do not recover” series of shoulder warm-ups (very popular) and a little broga (lot of moans on those stretches). We then cranked through a half-hour of dora, and finished up on the hardcourt with some relays and a game of PIG.

Then the best part of the morning began, with the COT which went for 90 minutes. We heard some great news — Clothesline is starting a new job on Monday, on the grounds crew at San Marco Country Club. This is the first job he’s ever had with benefits, including paid time off and a 401(k). He’s excited and we’re excited for him. Just great news. Shorty spoke of the humble mindset he needed to get to the farm to get right. Divine Intervention confided that he is struggling. Well Grounded is, well grounded, giving his troubles to Jesus. Pink Teddy Bear talked of surrounding himself with people who aren’t just looking to take from him. Liu Kang talked of his struggle to stay balanced. Just a lot of emotion pouring out.

It was a blessing to have D-Day and Saigon Sam there to empathize with the guys and share their experiences. Pure gold. Thank you, gentlemen. You both are an inspiration, and your words really resonated with these men. We closed with a prayer, humbling ourselves before God and asking for strength to take on each challenge in our lives with the one step at a time attitude. God bless.

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