Good Vibrations!

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  • When: 11/01/21
  • QIC: Yard Sale
  • The PAX: Tackleberry, Skid Mark, Wasted, Deuce, Dollar Bill, D-Day, Firefox

Early Morning Funk Fest + Quantum Mind Expansion = Good Vibrations


Eight Pax rolled in to disco lights and groovy tunes to start their week.  The theme is good vibrations.  Discussed opening our minds to new developments in science and the importance of maintaining a positive vibe.


Matter is 99.9999% empty space… but it’s not empty!  It’s ENERGY (light and vibration).  It’s important to keep your vibration high.  Frequency affects us at a cellular level.


Newtonian physics is dead.  We were taught matter was made of electrons, protons and neutrons. But now they can see at a much smaller level, and it’s actually 99.9999% empty space.  If an atom was a baseball stadium, the actual matter (protons neutrons and electrons) would be the size of a baseball, all of the rest would be energy.


They used to call it empty space, but it’s not.  It’s an energy field. Some call it the Field of Creation, because without it, there would be no matter, no earth, no humans.


We were taught that matter and energy are separate, but today we know they are intertwined.  Matter is vibrated into existence from energy.  Energy is the core of everything.  Energy is made of light and vibration. An infinite spectrum of light and frequencies.


We live in a 3-D world. If it’s not within our three dimensions we can’t see it or measure it. But that does not mean it doesn’t exist.  Top physicists today like Michio Kaku believe there are 11 dimensions (or more). That’s a lot that we can’t see or measure.  That completely changes science as we know it.


Staying high vibration can help your personal life, but also appears to help our physiology at a molecular level through this quantum field of Creation.


“Cymatics” is how sound frequencies create complex patterns found in nature.  Some interesting examples here:


SSH x 10
The Reacher x 10
Hillbilly x 10
LBACF x 10
LBACB x 10
Don Quixote x 10


5 rounds, 3 exercises each. Run a lap.
If finish early, donate reps and plank for 6. 



10 ManMakers (burpee with the block, raise overhead)

25 Tricep extensions (on curb)

25 Thrusters (overhead press)

Run a lap.



25 sumo squats (remember the foot stomps)

25 curls 

25 Alternating plyo merkins (one hand on block, switch sides as you go)

Run a lap.



25 Powerclean Thrusters (bend over, pick up block to chest, lift over head)

25 Incline Merkins

25 Big Boy Situps

Run a lap. 



25 Blockie swings

25 Weighted Big Boys (push block up in air)

25 Upright rows (pull block up to chin)

Run a lap. 



25 Carolina Dry Docks (on block)

25 heel taps (sit in V position, legs straight, block in front, lift legs over block

1 Handstand around the world (feet on block, dry dock position, shimmy around in circle)

Run a lap




Thrusters to burnout


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