Cindy Caliente

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  • When: 11/13/2021
  • QIC: McFly
  • The PAX: Doink, Rain man, Up Draft, Culpepper, UPS, Botox, Heist, Farrah & Farrah, Loud Mouth, Hey Boss, Pyro, Cupid, Hooker, Pink Panther, Fix it, Extinguisher

17 Pax showed up to participate in beautiful Saturday morning at Boondocks.

XT had indicated that he was going to Q but as I was going to be out for a bit I wanted to get something in. And if you take Q XT you know you need to bring it. I’m continually impressed by the high caliber of the Qs led by other HIMs. I also try to make my Qs fun and creative. Trying something new doesn’t always work out but you have to be willing and vulnerable to try.

For Sat. Q I wanted to focus on what you should and shouldn’t do with a Cindy. I also incorporated some Cindy squats based upon learnings from Twister.

Warm Up 

  • SSH, Hillbilly, Reacher, DQ – All done IC, 10 count
  • Cross leg standing stretch – A good hamstring stretch I learned years ago during a rehab. Cross right/left feet while standing and then reach down and touch legs, toes, ground. 10 count. Switch legs and repeat

Part 1: From Here to There

Mosey to the goal line. Traveling across the field with some exercises

  • 10 blockees – to get the blood flowing
  • (NEW!) 25 y of MBM – Murder Bunny Merkins. Thought out this one and how to hold the block. Merkins are easier if it was wider but then you would get no travel. Decided that this should be done just like a MB. Once you heave the block in front of you then you do a Merkin (essentially a close grip Merkin as you block is not that wide). This worked out “better than expected)
  • 25 y of MB – After the MBMs I think all PAX were loving the MBs.. seriously
  • At 50 y – (NEW!) Cindy Circle. All PAX formed a circle and we did a Merkin, Cindy pass. With your Cindy on your left side do a Merkin. In up position pull the Cindy under from your left to the PAX on your right. Learnings: This took more coordination than expected and pacing was challenging. We also lost one Cindy in the chaos. Luckily I had a spare for next. Also make sure you name your Cindy so you can find it later.
    • I may revisit in the future with Cadence. May also do this in a line so instead of Circle it will be a Chain.
  • 25 A to C squats – With squats you may hear “ass to grass”. Our Cindy keeps our ass off the grass but you still want to get low. With Cindy laying lengthwise do a squat and down touch Cindy with your ass.
  • 50y of Lunges with Cindy – Hold the Cindy how to want and get there doing walking lunges

Part 2: Dora (Lo hicimos)

I had an extra Cindy because I wasn’t sure if we were going to have even PAX and this Dora required 2 Cindys per team. Dora of 100/150/200. While one PAX was exercising the other was running to the 50y and back. Modified the 200 down to 150

  • 100 Cindy Squats x 2: With 1 Cindy standing lengthwise we are doing more A to C squats but 1) you don’t need to do as low and 2) you need to carry the other Cindy to give you some weight
  • 150 Cindy Windshields: A Cindy and Windshield don’t mix, except in F3. Count only 1 side.
  • 150 (modified down from 200) Cindy Shins/Skins: In plank position with Cindy down by your feet jump back and forth and try not to clip your shins or feet on the Cindy. Count only 1 side.


  • 25 Cindy LBCs
  • (NEW) 10 Cindy get ups. YHC demonstrated the Cindy get ups. From your 6 with Cindy above your head proceed to get up without Cindy or hands touching the ground. This was good. It was also a bit challenging.

Part 3: Be Square

YHC has a 25 x 25 square marked out. At each corner you do 25 exercises with your Cindy. You then travel around the square via a bear crawl/Cindy drag while always facing the same direction, e.g. BC with Cindy, Plank walk left with Cindy drag, CB with Cindy, Plank walk right with Cindy drag.

  • Exercises: 25 Flutter Kicks with Cindy up (count 1 leg), 25 squats with Cindy, 25 V-ups (ok for Cindy to only go slightly behind head. Touch Cindy to toes when making V), 25 Bonnie Blairs with Cindy (count 1 leg)

Closing: Roxanne

PAX were just wrapping up when Roxanne came on the play list so I called a quick audible. Plank during song and every time Roxanne occurs do a merkin.


Mosey back to flag. Count o Rama, Name of Rama, Announcements (Gauntlet, Vet, Foundry, Christmas party on Dec. 2). Thought – We only have 1.5 months until end of year. There is a lot we have accomplished, in process and some which we may to still begin. Be persistent. Sometimes progress is slow but never give up. Prayer for peace and healing and rapid recovery from illness.

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