Who Doesn’t Love a Buffet?

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  • When: 11/20/2021
  • QIC: Papa Smurf,Bada Boom, High Pitch, Conroy, 3 Peat, Inside Out
  • The PAX: Home Alone, Lil Smurf, Wrangler,Bada Boom/r, Yard Sale/r, Inside Out/r, Zamboni/r, High Pitch/r, Conroy/r, Housekeeping/r, Tone Deaf/r, 3Peat/rr, Carl/rr Papa Smurf/rr

Thanksgiving is around the corner and they’ll be plenty to eat and much to be thankful for. Most of us will eat a little of this, a little of that(just say no to cranberry sauce), and might even have some pie for dessert.
That’s the theme of today’s Q…a little of this, a little of that, with everyone bringing their own dish to the workout feast.

Slight dolly…to the center…Limp member. Reacher..don quixote…michael Phelps…hillbillies…wonder bra…hello dolly…flutter kicks …ast… Spider-Man stretch…SSH

During the warm up, the QIC asked each member of the pax to think of a dish they could bring to the workout feast…and for them to present it in such a way to make it look delicious …oh boy…
Here’s how it went…
HIGH PITCH…crab walks and exercises down in the goal box(these sucked)
BADA BOOM…ran from mid court to some random white line and did merkins, sit ups, burpees, and something else. (These sucked)
CONROY… ring of fire with merkins and American Hammers(these sucked)
3 PEAT…we did some running the width of the field with a partner …100 merkins, 200 squats, 200 flutter kicks(these sucked)
INSIDE OUT …ladder exercise. 1-21..SSH and flutter kicks(these sucked so much I’m not sure if flutter kicks is the right exercise).
COT. BOM. CHRISTMAS PARTY..convergence on Thanksgiving. Prayers for Hang Times Dad and some one else…also, always praying for those guys on IR and those guys who have wandered …”leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him…
It’s always a good Saturday when it starts with F3..

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