A Simple Q

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  • When: 11/29/2021
  • QIC: Left Turn
  • The PAX: Gizzard, Zamboni, Narco, Bada Boom, Snowden

I woke up and checked who was Q’ing today to find out that no one had signed up. As site Q, I went ahead and signed up and planned a workout.

As I thought through it I was thinking about what keeps people from Q’ing. I enjoy the opportunity. Why are more people not signing up?

Are we too rigid with expectations?

Is it negative (even in jest) mumble chatter about cadence/F3 terminology/etc? What is going on here?

I am not sure, but I want everyone to lead.

An F3 workout has five tenants:

Free of Charge

Open to All Men

Held Rain or Shine

Peer Led

End in Circle of Trust

It does not have to include counting in Cadence. You do not have to call push-ups merkins. It does not have to be elaborate. You can keep it simple.

Here is what we did today:

Warmup (always good to have)

Bend Over and Hang There for a minute (Limp Member)

Arm Swings Across Your Body (Michael Phelps) OYO

Arm Circles Forward OYO

Arm Circles Backwards OYO

Tricep Stretch

Walk Out Pushups

The Thang

Four Rounds of:

Stair Lap

5 Squats, 5 Pushups, 5 Situps

Stair Lap


Stair Lap


Stair Lap


Cool Down

Repeat Warmup

Circle of Trust


F3 Christmas Party, Kraken

Prayer Requests:

Hangtimes father, safe and happy Holidays for PAX

I like counting cadence and using F3 terminology. I think it is important. But maybe not the most important thing we are doing out here.

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