Earn It!

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  • When: 12/02/2021
  • QIC: Prunetang
  • The PAX: Snowden (r), Three Peat (rx2), Mervyn, Shirley(r), Gizzard,Left Turn, Saigon Sam(r),Valdez,

Great Morning out at HardNocs.

Warm up


Limp Member

Down Dog


Child’s Pose


Michael Phelps


Side Straddle Hop

The Thang

Mosey to Pull Up Bars

5 pull ups 10 Merkins x2

Mosey to bridge

Walking Lunge halfway across bridge Bearcrawl Second Half

Mosey to fields

Four Corners

Burpees x7

BBS x14

Merkins x21

Air Squats x28

Mosey back to Flag


Message : Earn It!

Nothing constructive comes out after saying the words “I deserve…”

You should delete that phrase from your vocabulary immediately.

If you’re living a great life because you set goals and took action to achieve them…

Awesome! You earned it.

If you’re constantly struggling because you cut corners and make excuses…

You earned  it.

Instead of saying “I deserve…”

Put in the work so you can start saying “I EARNED…”

Always Humbled to lead. Thanks Gents!


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